User reviews of online casino and Betfair BC

If you're looking for an online gambling platform, it's important to consider the player experience. We've collected some player reviews about Betfair and the games it offers to help you make the right choice.

Betfair user reviews

Customer Review: Easy and straightforward registration process at Betfair


Betfair is a simple and hassle-free site that has all the licenses to operate and is very safe to play and bet on. Signing up as a user is free and there are no monthly fees, whether you use an account or not. It only takes 5 minutes to create an account and they don't ask for as much data as other casinos.

Victor, 41

Customer Review: Good odds and Exchange section in sports betting


Betfair is the best sports betting casino, its system is completely different, it has an exchange section, something that in the beginning I almost couldn't understand but now it's what I use the most, it's the only casino that allows you to bet with the score and result you choose, it worked out for me and I recommend it to everyone who loves sports betting.

Svetlana, 34

Customer Review: Roulette, Slots and Poker at Betfair


What I like most about Betfair is the lack of technical glitches, both online casino and live casino games run smoothly and correctly, there are no site glitches, I like that.

Nicholas, 28

Customer Review: Allows you to make payments via Paypal


Most online casinos have a variety of deposit methods, but Betfair allows you to make payments via Paypal, which is important because once you choose a deposit method you can also use the same method for withdrawals, so I can request a withdrawal to my account via Paypal where the money reaches me immediately, whereas with another deposit and withdrawal method you have to factor in the period of time it takes for the money to reach your account depending on the bank.

Pavel, 31

Customer Review: Excellent customer service


When I had problems with withdrawing money from my account, I contacted the support team via online chat, they solved my problem in less than 30 minutes. Very high quality service, Betfair works perfectly and if you have any problems they always help you.

Ivan, 27

Customer feedback: Mobile app and responsive website


I've been a long time Betfair user and I travel a lot for work, so a laptop isn't always at hand. I discovered the Betfair app and I really like it, even though they don't have support in many countries. From my cell phone I can place the bet I want at any time through the app. Very convenient!

Denis, 37

Customer Review: Lots of information, sometimes confusing


When I try something new at this casino it is almost always very difficult to understand how it works, the explanations contain a lot of text and in general nothing is clear, neither the terms and conditions nor the rules nor the FAQs are clear, they should have simpler and more generalized language so everyone can understand.

Vyacheslav, 29

Customer Review: The number of promotions decrease when you win


In the beginning, if you lose, Betfair offers you shares, even though they're not great, but still at least something. When you start winning, they say you are not selected to participate in them as there are other users, implying that the shares are distributed among them.

Oleg, 33

Customer Review: No problems with withdrawal, but there are problems with live casino


I like Betfair and sports betting because so far I haven't had any problems with withdrawals, deposits and so on. But in the live casino section everything becomes a problem. I can't log into the gaming tables and when I log in, they suddenly close with an error. I'm sure it's not because of my phone or internet, it's a site problem. Hopefully the live casino problems will be resolved.

Stepan, 40

Customer Review: There are errors on the betting platform and they are not responding


Last Friday I placed a bet on a basketball match: Caceres vs Oviedo. On their app it was stated that they would pay out 20 euros if Caceres won. Caceres led confidently for the second half of the game and ended the game with a score of 97-75 in favor of Caceres. I make a claim because I am not being paid and I am told that Oviedo actually won. I respond that I made a live bet based on what was displayed on the screen - a sure win for Caceres. If any of the staff made a mistake when entering the data, that's their problem.

Yuri, 30.